Green Butterfly

Green ascents on this beautiful butterfly. I caught this at the San Diego Wild Animal Park at the butterfly exhibit, which is a special exhibit open only for a month! So if your in the area and you love colorful butterflies, get down there! Oh and wear colorful clothing, the butterflies will land on you, and you will have a buddy! The exhibit has plants and flowers all over and a pool of water, it is a tropical exhibit, so it is a little damp and warm, perfect for the butterflies!

Source: Green Butterfly

Japenese Koi

I have a great love of Japanese art, and this is my personal ode to that art. I melded several pieces I have done over the years to produce this. One was a photograph of my neighbors peach tree blossoms. Another piece,was a couple of koi from a small lake in santa barbara. Lastly is a drawing I did of a tidal pool without water. I hope you enjoy my work!

Source: Japenese Koi

Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams~

I was inspired to make a piece of art from my trip to the butterfly exhibit at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, CA. The beauty I saw in that exhibit reminds me of what heaven must look like. Nothing but flowers and butterflies everwhere! The colors and sizes for the butterflies were amazing. If you are in the area, I strongly suggest you make plans to go!Source: Butterfly Dreams

Floral Twist

Floral TwistHere I was playing with some nature shots, layering them and trying things out. It’s not a piece I would put out for sale, but a learning tool. It almost works, but needs something. I put this to the side and wait, later I might be inspired to complete it, or I may put it into something else, and build from there. I have many pieces like this. They are half made piece I have no idea what to do with, but they come in handy!

Source: Floral Twist

A brown beauty!

A brown beauty!

This brown beauty is elegent and stylish. She may not have the flair of other butterflies, but she makes up for it in style. I love her subtle coloring. The band of orange compliments the brown, black, and white trim. I feel like I’m taking about an evening dress, LOL! God’s designs are so varied and beautiful!

Source: A brown beauty!

Delicate Beauty

Delicate Beauty

Some butterlies are bold and dramatic, some are delicate and elegant! This beauty is delicate and elegant. She is a small one, but no less impactful. Black wings with a touch of color, and her body has color as well, those red dots you see along her side. It would have been easy to miss her with all the larger more prominant butterflies in this exhibit, but she stood out to me, a dark beauty!

Source: Delicate Beauty

A friend

During my stay at the butterfly exhibit at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, I took a lot of shots of hats, and sholders, and pant legs! LOL! Because the butterflies were landing on people with brightly colored clothing. They were also selling pieces of watermelon to try to get the butterflies to land closer to you. I have never seen so many people walking so carefully in an exhibit before. Everyone was in slow motion. Sometimes the butterflies would land on the ground and everyone would stand still until the zoo keepers would pick them up and carry them off.

Source: A friend

Butterfly V

I have no idea what this particular butterfly is but it is a stunner! I love the V shape against the dark black color of its wings. And the two tone color change from the top wings to the bottom wings. Nature is amazing, don’t you think! I jusy loved hanging out in this exhibit, at the wild animal park in san diego. I took so many shots, I cringe at going through them all, LOL!

Source: Butterfly V

Blue Morpho

Morpho Butterfly

This big beauty is a morpho butterfly. They are a tropical butterfly found in mexico, central, and south america. They are quite big (about as big as your hand) and a vivid blue! The underside of this butterfly are shades of brown and look like a trees bark, so when it folds its wings it all but disappears!

Source: Blue Morpho



Spring is here and the annual butterfly exhibit is open at the wild animal park in San Diego! Flowers and butterflies everywhere in this beautiful exhibit. Truely a garden of eden, with a tropical feel to it. There are dozens of kinds of butterflies flying all over landing on flowers, people, trees etc. My friend and I, both photographers spent about an hour and a half in the exhibit, very fun!

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