I call this a quilt! It all started with a picture of a sunset through a tree that I started playing with, then tiled into a pattern, which became a grid pattern. Then I made one right after another using the same original piece. I took me a few weeks to accomplish, and each file is huge. I had fun putting this together, and getting all the differnt looks from the same piece!

Source: Quilt


Protect us!

I made this years ago when I was into indian art. I was recieving the magazine southwest art, and it had an effect on my art. I made this acrylic painting to remind people that we need to protect as much land and wildlife as possible. It is in our best interest to do so. Future generations will know what it is to have a beautiful national park, and to see the natural wildlife that lives there.

Source: Protect us!

Trolley Art!

This is the Newport to Balboa trolley car that still to this day runs! It is at the Orange Empire Train Museum in Perris, CA. This is a good example of what I do as a photographer. I go to a localtion and take my pictures, then I take them home look them over, and work on the best ones. I then add certain textures and effects to enhance the overall look and feel of the piece.

Source: Trolley Art!


We live in a world of vibrations. Vibrations tell us where a noise is coming from, wheather or not to go down that alleyway, or how bright it is today. Vibrations communicate information to us constantly. I made this piece in honor of the importance of those vibrations. I constructed this using waves that I shot in the harbor. It was a fun project, and I liked the way it turned out!

Source: Vibrations!

Delicate Vines

These are the delicate flowers of a vine that grows only during the spring. It grows all over southern california throughout the hillsides! I know it is spring when I see these vines as they creep over rocks and grasses and bushes. When they finally flower, a small one inch flower unfolds, tinged with a touch of pink and yellow at the center.

Source: Delicate Vines

Ava Love!!!

This is Ava, she is my nephews pitbull, she is a blue nose pitbull and a big love! I am her uncle, and as such have a special relationship with her. She loves giving kisses as you can see! I get her all worked up and she comes right up, jumps up and kisses and licks me to death, which you can tell I just hate, huh? I love this dog something fierce!

Source: Ava Love!!!

Space Junk

I call this piece Space Junk. It is a government project to put a clock into space, and like all government projects it lost it’s funding and is now just floating in space, a useless pile of junk. I like the thought of time unraveling in space. Time and space are so connected in our minds. I have done this piece over and over, in pencil, acrylic paint and digitally.

Source: Space Junk

Crumbling Stones

This is my favorite park in riverside, ca. It is called Santa Rosa Plateau and Ecological Reserve, it is quite a name huh? They do that for legal and financial reasons. I pass these stones almost every time I go for a hike here, they look like a giant staked them here. Just a grouping of stones falling apart with time. I wonder how they got here? The ground squirrels use them as a look out point, they have their tunnels beneath the stones themselves.

Source: Crumbling Stones

Mushroom Magic!

Mushrooms have always seemed like magic to me. The little people are supposed to live in them you see! They are as varied for shape and size as any plant life in the world! Spores that magically grow and form communities on dead wood, like these mushrooms are. They live off of the dead, and grow into fantastic shapes and colors. I love looking for them while I travel in nature. Looking for the correct signs, heavily shaded, wet or damp areas for them to grow in. Mushrooms are fun!

Source: Mushroom Magic!

Four Brother’s Grim!

These are the four brother’s Grim! The character I created started out as a drawing of the mad hatter, I brought a sketch I had done into illustrator, a computer program, and re drew it in vector. I them strated to design it, and I found that multiplying them and stacking four of them this way was kinda menacing!

So they became the four brother’s grim in my head. Now I hadn’t thought of a background for them yet, but I remember doing a drawing of a knife for another character I had done previously. So I found it and brought it into photoshop and started tiling the background with knives, which added to the menacingness of the piece! I added the red color and the light behind the last brother in the back for added drama! Hope you enjoy!

Source: Four Brother’s Grim!